Anna Trabert Jewelry was founded in 2019, with the vision of combining elegance and femininity to create timeless yet modern pieces.

The designer was born and raised in a small town in Germany close to the french border. Now she calls a life between Milan and Cologne her home where she finds inspiration in nature, sculptural art, and women in everyday life she is surrounded by.

Having worked in the fashion industry as an Accessory Designer her experience allowed her to find interest in jewelry. With her passion and her experience she found the right tools and confidence to start her own line whilst pursuing a training in goldsmith craftsmanship in Milan.

In her atelier in Milan she makes her unique pieces that are targeted to be worn in all seasons, and occasions. Starting from the raw materials all the way to the finished product she makes everything by herself. Handmade with love and patience.
She prioritizes being timeless over being trendy, and feels inspired by different eras.

Anna Trabert Jewelry is intended to be a lifelong piece that is made to last and preserve its elegance and value.

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